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B. Pharm is an Undergraduate degree in the field of Pharmacy. The future of Pharmaceutical industry holds a wide career opportunity for young aspirants. They can work as a pharmacist in the whole sale pharmaceutical companies, in the drug house or in the hospitals. They are in demand in the field of clinical research, drug testing and documentation, quality control, government health departments etc. Today most of pharmacists are involved in clinical trials worldwide. They are used to evaluating new drug products and preparing documentation on the effectiveness and safety of new drugs. Pharmacist are involved extensively in the manufacturing, research, quality control and marketing of pharmaceuticals. One can also undertake postgraduate training for careers as academics or researcher in specialized fields. The degree is the basic prerequisite for registration to practice as a pharmacist in many countries. The focus of study is to create understanding about the properties and impacts of medicines and developing the skills required to counsel patients about their use. The course study for the B. Pharm. shall extend over a period of 4 academic years. Each academic year consists of two semesters. all together there will be 8 semesters spread over a duration of 4 academic years. Each semester should have a minimum of 100 working day. In addition, each candidates should undergoes industrial training for at least 150 hours  spreed over 4 weeks in Pharmaceutical industry/Hospital. This should be completed after Semester VI and before the commencement of Semester VII. In VII semester every candidate  shall undergo practice  school for a period of 150 hours evenly distributed through out the semester.


A candidate who has passed any of the following examination with an aggregate of 50% marks in the optional subject.

a) Higher secondary examination of Govt. of Kerala with Physics, Chemistry & Biology/Mathematics/computer Science/Biotechnology as optional subjects.

b) Any other examination with Physics, Chemistry & Biology /Mathematics / Computer Science /Biotechnology as optional subjects approved as equivalent to any of the above examination by the Kerala University of Health Sciences.

Minimum qualification for admission directly to second year of the B. Pharm course (Lateral admission) is the following:

a) A candidate who has passed the Diploma in Pharmacy course of Educational Regulations 1991 under Pharmacy act 1948 from an institution approved by the Pharmacy Council of India with a minimum of 50% marks in the final year examinations.

The selection of students for the B. Pharm. course shall be based strictly on merit as decided by the competent authority approved by the Government of Kerala / Kerala University of Health Sciences/Directorate of medical education and as per guidelines of the Pharmacy Council of India.

After completion of course, the graduate will enough able to be

  • Be a registered pharmacist eligible for employment in Pharmaceutical industry, health care and other sectors
  • Apply knowledge and skills to design, synthesize, isolate, analyze, screen formulate, evaluate and dispense quality pharmaceuticals.
  • Excel and maintain their professional and personal career with the aid of ethics, standards, attitude and disciplines learned during the course.
  • Continue learning to improve their knowledge and qualification to meet the needs of pharma industry and society.
  • Creates foundation to the students to understand more difficult concepts of pharmaceutics in the advanced Physical Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics course.
  • The students will be well versed with biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetics aspects which help to design a dosage form of patient's need. This course provides sufficient knowledge to the students to understand the formulation and manufacturing aspects of various dosage forms in Industrial Pharmacy.
  • Explore the avenues available in profession for self -sustainability and entrepreneurship.
  • Provide high quality, evidence-based, patient-centered care in cooperation with patients, prescribers and members of the interprofessional health care team
  • Provide pharmaceutical care including, but not limited to, Medication Therapy Management (MTM), vaccinations and drug therapy monitoring in all practice areas
  • Demonstrate mastery and application of core knowledge and skills in relation to the evolving biomedical, clinical, epidemiological and social-behavioral sciences