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SSGC (Student Support and Guidance Cell)

Organized by KUHS for the overall development of students. The cell provides support and guidance to the problems faced by the students on the aspects of learning along with emotional support.

Placement and Guidance Cell

The mission is to improve the quality of the graduate and help them to achieve the leadership quality in the various professional disciplines

Scientific Club

The purpose is to delineate the basic structure and provide the cornerstone for building an effective group. It will allow members to have a better understanding of what the club is all about and how it functions. It will provide a structure to aid future leaders of your club to ensure that the group continues on a sound course. The scientific days also celebrates various national and international days concerned with the health and welfare.

Nature Club

Which amplifies the student interest to serve the society an environment

A nature club is a non-political, self sponsored and voluntary student organization for the collection and circulation of the facts and knowledge and about nature and natural resources, to develop students as nature- lovers and convertionists, and to propagate the spirit of nature conservancy among the public.